Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Homestead ...

'Twas the night before Homestead and all 'round the track,
Palm trees were swaying in the tropical black.

The drivers were tucked in their RVs with care,
in the hopes that a trophy would tomorrow be theirs.

Mike Ford in his kerchief, lay nervous in bed,
Where visions of fuel mileage danced through his head.

Denny Hamlin paced wildly 'cross his motorhome floor,
saying "I have to catch Jimmie tomorrow for sure."

Chad Knaus knelt praying that his crew swap would win it.
Gaining spots on pit road could keep his driver in it.

And meanwhile ol' Johnson was cool and collected
saying "I'll win number five if I wheel and don't wreck it."

And then there was Harvick who refused to be idle.
He was scheming and plotting to win his first title.

With a light in his eye and a mischeivous grin,
He stroked the short hairs on his quite stubbly chin.

"I may be starting in p28,
but Denny is further behind, which is great."

"I've brought the best motor, the best pit crew," he said.
"The best chassis, best power - that'll get in their heads."

"I'll zoom through the field like a bat outta hell
in my last race for Pennzoil and the team they call Shell.

"I'll drive 29 to the front of the pack
and if I have to spin Johnson, I'll never look back."

Then he smiled to himself as he thought of the fans
who would holler and cheer from the Homestead grandstands.

And he vowed he would do just whatever it took
to cement his first place in the championship book.

So on Harvick, on Johnson, on Hamlin and Gordon
On Edwards, on Bowyer on Busches and Burton.

And if you boys have at it, well you've got good reason.
Happy Homestead to all - thank you for a great season!

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