Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stewart Had to Slow Down for This Win

Tony Stewart may not have liked the way he had to race to the checkers. But he sure loved the outcome.

Unlike last weekend's head-to-head battle with Jimmie Johnson, Stewart drove the last laps at Pocono more conservatively than he had all day. In an attempt to save fuel, Smoke slowed it up and coasted into the corners. And, when it was all said and done he was just fast enough to keep his competitors at bay.

While crew chief Darian Grubb counted down each lap, Stewart made his feelings on the slower pace clear declaring, "I hate this."

Slowing down just ain't Smoke's style.

The finish sure was a study in contrasts compared to how he shot out of the Pocono gates. Starting in last place with a back-up car, the pre-race pundits thought Stewart may have a tough time snagging another top five finish. But Smoke didn't seem to care. Like Bo Duke on a dirt road in Hazzard, Stewart "straightened the curves and flattened the hills" as he rocketed into the top 10.

This Pocono win is well-deserved. And with the strength of Stewart-Haas racing behind him, Smoke may just steal that fourth Cup championship out from under Jimmie Johnson's handsome nose.

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