Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tweet Worth Sharing

The cybersphere can't get enough of Kyle Busch's wannabe rock star stunt. And when artist Sam Bass told the media yesterday that he was "stunned and heartbroken" that Busch had shattered his carefully created work of art, the incident took on a whole new tone. (Considering that the official word from JGR the night of the race was that Bass was cool with the smash and knew about it ahead of time...both untruths, apparently.)

Busch's antics were such a contrast to JR Motorsports driver, Brad Keselowski, who won the Nashville guitar trophy last year. He fell asleep holding the guitar on the plane back to NC and the trophy has since been given a place of honor. So, I had to laugh when I logged on to Twitter tonight and saw the Tweet by @MikeDavis88 (Communications Director at JR Motorsports). I repost it here for all of you non-Twitter folks.

The caption that ran with the picture above: "At JR Motorsports, We Break Hearts, Not Guitars."


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  1. Nice bit of reporting here. I also heard that the race sponsors stalked off in disgust following Kyle's bit of rock-star celebration.

    As I said in a caption over at NASCAR This Week of photo of Busch trying to smash that guitar last Saturday, Busch should stay IN the car where he knows what he's doing. Out of it, he's a boy-man who's obviously spent all of his life on the track and in the garage. Kyle can't really be faulted for that -- the boy loves racin' more than anything else -- but it keeps him, apparently, inside a clueless bubble.

    Busting up a guitar onstage was always a symbolically sacrificial act, the guitar player destroying the thing he loves most in a fit of passion. What Kyle did was simply an act of moneyed contempt - celebrity sans myth.