Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Second NASCAR Day of Christmas: Two Digger Minutes

The 2009 Cup season marked the second birthday of the world's most controversial rodent. Hoping for another revenue stream, FOX put some serious dollars and promotional power behind Digger, the infamous gopher, by premiering two-minute Digger and Friends cartoons during the network's pre-race coverage.

Unfortunately for FOX, the cartoon didn't garner quite the reponse the powers-that-be had banked on. To clarify, the new cartoon episodes went over like week-old roadkill with hard core race fans. Digger and his pals became the subject of blog hate and fan disdain, which eventually led to a change in next year's FOX lineup - no more Digger two-minute cartoons in 2010.

Word is that next season, the gopher will still pop up with his Digger cam, and there will be corresponding merchandise and advertisements. However, "The Adventures of Digger and Friends" won't make a return appearance to the FOX airwaves.

Don't worry. If you're one of the few who will truly miss Digger - you can still watch some of the episodes on Hulu and Youtube. Plus, the Digger theme song (sung by Keith Urban) can be purchased on iTunes.

Personally, I wasn't a Digger champion. But the episode below was actually a little amusing - it just would have played better on Saturday morning where it belonged.


  1. dig a hole to bury digger. thanks.

  2. As I've said elsewhere, best use for the Digger Cam: Track girl upskirts.