Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kahne's Move Begs a Couple Questions

You may think it's a bit early for silly season - but don't tell that to Kasey Kahne.

News broke today that Kahne will leave Richard Petty Motorsports at the end of 2010. And the early word is that he'll join Hendrick Motorsports in 2012, as the driver of the No. 5 car.

Which begs a couple questions.

First, what's Kahne going to do in in that pesky year between 2010 and 2012?  The speculation has begun, with most folks opining that Kasey will take his curly-headed good looks over to the tough guys at Stewart-Haas Racing for 2011.  This theory makes sense given that SHR is, for all intents and purposes, practically an extension of the powerhouse that is HMS.

Second question - does this mean NASCAR fans have just one more year to cheer on Mark Martin?  Martin hardly seems ready to  replace his race car with a rocking chair.  However, Martin has already almost retired before.  Maybe he's finally ready to hang up his firesuit.

OR will Kahne not take the No. 5 car at all?  There have been online rumblings that ever since Gordon found himself in the family way, he has decided against racing into his dotage. It sure would be something if Gordon was the driver to exit HMS instead.

One thing's for certain.  If Kahne wants to fit in at HMS, he's going to have to try to grow a beard.

Photo Info: Top - Kasey Kahne signs autographs at Talladega last Fall.  Bottom - Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson pose at Daytona 500 practice in 2010.


  1. Welp, I've heard JG say that now he has another kidlet on the way, he'd like them to see him in VL. So I don't think he will be going away anytime soon, jmo.

  2. Hmmmm...What makes you think that the 88 might go elsewhere and a #25 Bud car return to the track with Kasey driving it. With sponsors and Hendrick support the 88 could be JRMs step into the cup series. Perhaps JR will finally get his Step Mom to sell and Chip will get Hendrick support for Montoya and Jamie McMurray you will be driving JRMs NNS car for 9 races this year.

    Remember JR and KK have had successful relationships with each others current sponsors in the past making them interchangeable also. So Marketability makes these scenarios possible even in the current economy.

    We still do not know if KK brings his long time crew chief with him or his sponsor according to most reports. We can only speculate and as we have all learned with HMS Rick Hendrick has a way of getting things done that are seemingly impossible and very improbable.

  3. why in the hell dont just evryone throw in the towel and all drive for the hendrick-nascar show