Monday, April 5, 2010

Thank God for Nationwide

After the Martinsville race was delayed to Monday, Easter weekend seemed like the second consecutive off weekend for Sprint Cup competition.  And two non-NASCAR Sundays in a row, just don't cut it this early in the season.

But, luckily, as is becoming frequently the case, the Nationwide Series saved the day. And so far this year, the boys in Nationwide are providing the best show in NASCAR. 

Every NNS race is exciting.  There's more than one feud to keep things dramatic. And the rivals du jour (Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski) are leading the points standings - with only a mere 16 ticks between them.

Talk about good television.

Saturday Jason Leffler got parked for reckless driving.  Mired in the back, Brad Keselowski sliced through the field - passing five cars in one swoop.  And Kevin Harvick took only two tires during a late-race caution to hold off a hard-charging Reed Sorenson and claim the guitar trophy for his own safekeeping.

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon in Nashville.  I just wish the Cup races were this exciting ...


  1. That was a great race! Wondering what happened to little Joey at the end though. The only thing missing from that race was Danica "fighting hard and doing a great job" for that 34th place finish.

  2. The ESPN crew did a great job of showing the race and calling it. I enjoyed it very much.

    NASCAR, writers, etc. wonder why the fans who can't make it to the track aren't watching at home, well, a lot of that has to do with the really poor race broadcasts. Having good camera work and PXP let the fans SEE the race instead of a lot of dumb bells and whistles, in car camera shots and some dumb gophers and booth monkeys.

    If NASCAR wants people to start watching races on TV again, they should go back and watch the tape of the way ESPN broadcast this race -- it was a shining example of WHAT TO DO!