Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keselowski Isn't the Only Driver Who Thinks Busch is an ...

Kyle Busch may have done the "Bristol Sweep".

But it sure would be nice if he'd be a gracious winner for a change.

Fans have come to expect sulk and snark when a race doesn't go Busch's way. We get it. The guy's a vicious competitor who hates to lose.

But you'd think Busch would be a bit more sportsmanlike after winning a race - or the entire weekend of races, in fact.  Turns out that even in the midst of a perfect, history-making moment, Busch still can't help but take unnecessary digs at his fellow competitors.

Bob Pockrass at Scene Daily has the full story, but here's what Busch had to say about second-place driver David Reutimann after Saturday night's race at Bristol.

Per Scene Daily:

"Reutimann was fast, and he was good, and I’m not going to say why I beat him because then he’ll fix it, but it has to do with behind the wheel,” Busch said matter-of-factly.

Busch elaborated by saying, “He wasn’t driving the place right. I’m sorry. If he fixes how to drive this place, he’d be right there with me.”Whatever happened to good job, great race, and a modicum of sportsmanship?

Not surprisingly, Reutimann was less than thrilled with Busch's remarks, calling it the stupidest comment he's ever heard.  He even suggested that Busch open his own driving school since he's so darn good at Bristol.


I'm all for smack talk and driver drama.  But fans would be better served if Reutimann, Brad Keselowski and the like would take their beef with Busch to the track.

That's what fans want - a little less talk and a lot more action.


  1. What they really need to do is bust him in the lips real hard, and dislodge a few teeth. I'll bet that would go a long ways toward teaching him some manners.

  2. Do a Jimmy Spencer on him and let his lips meet your knuckles!

  3. Should fans boo Kyle Busch or remain silent? As much as fans hate to link Kyle Busch with Dale Sr. there is no denying that both generate the same attention from the fans. Remember Dale Sr´s famous quote "It doesn´t matter what kind of noise they´re making about you, just as long as they´re making noise"

  4. What Busch did at Bristol has only been possible since 1995. To say he is the only one in history to do it is very miss-leading. He is one of only handful to try to do it, so stop trying to shove this childish punk down our throats.

  5. Kyle's comments were unfortunate, but think about where he is coming from: He believes any performance from himself that does not result in a win is a failure. After a Nationwide race where he finished in the top 5, his comment was, "I suck at this track." And at Pocono, he credited teammate Denny Hamlin with teaching him how to "get around this place."

    The only way any driver can "take their beef with Busch to the track" is to beat him. Sniping at him in driver introductions and to the media are chicken-sh*t ways to deal with their "problem" Anyway, like it or not, Kyle drives just like Dale Sr., and he is the best thing to happen to NASCAR since Dale's death.

  6. While not phrased very well I took Kyle's comment as a compliment to David. I took its meaning as Dave drove a good race and had a great car and if he made a slight adjustment to his driving (line, braking, etc.) he would have been right there at the finish line. Every driver has good tracks and bad, just so happens that Kyle is extremely good at Bristol. Just as Kyle can (and needs to) learn from others at certain tracks listening to him regarding Bristol seems like a pretty smart thing to do!