Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twitter Car - The Definition of Irony

Tonight at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Penn., Kyle Busch will race a Super Late Model which has been nicknamed the "Twitter Car".

Considering the recent silence of NASCAR drivers on the social media site, this car's debut is ironic indeed.

Since Denny Hamlin took a $50 thousand hit for Tweets disparaging to NASCAR, several drivers have chosen the safe road and confined their Tweets to less controversial topics - like the weather, travel plans and workout schedules.

Talk about unfortunate. 

NASCAR fans dearly want to read the post-race smack and gut-level driver reaction that made Twitter such a great medium for the sport.  Remove the driver drama from the mix and well, a Twitter stream just reads like a series of 140-character press releases with a few ticket giveaways thrown in.

Hopefully, the Twitter silence is a momentary blip - an over-cautious response to some NASCAR discipline.

But in the meantime, we NASCAR fans could use a few entertaining tweets from our drivers.

Any takers?

Photo info: Kyle Busch's "Twitter Car" - a Super Late Model which he raced at Williams Grove Speedway on August 5.  The photo was released via Twitter @KBwebteam.

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