Sunday, October 17, 2010

McMurray Routs Chasers in Another Emotional Win

Jamie McMurray put on two shows Saturday night.

The first ended with McMurray out-restarting chaser Kyle Busch and out-running points leader Jimmie Johnson for a win at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The second was his touching post-race interview in Victory Lane.

Saturday night sure was special for McMurray.  It not only marked his second win at the track where he won his first Cup race in 2002, it also also marked his third checkers of 2010. 

Pretty amazing for a guy who, just a year ago, was wondering if he'd even have a ride this season.

In addition to spoiling all Chasers' hopes of a mammoth points gain and schooling the field in how to beat Busch (the self-proclaimed "Restart King"), McMurray endeared himself to fans with his humble post-race interview.

"As those laps were winding down I was thinking about Daytona and why I cry and the power of prayer," McMurray said. " I never got to explain that then and I just want to take the time to explain that now. I had a tough year last year. I found out the power of prayer and what that can do for you.

And in the post-race press conference, McMurray elaborated on winning and prayer a bit more:

"I wanted people to understand that sometimes you see people's emotions on TV, and I don't know, I just I just wanted it to be understood that after the season that I had, or the last four years I had, I found the power of prayer and that it's something that I really believe in," McMurray explained.

"And when I got to victory lane in Daytona that's what I was thinking about. You know, I was crying, obviously because I was happy, but also because you feel like a prayer has been answered. And so that is, as a very powerful thing, and it's obviously very emotional when you feel like you I don't know, that's a very selfish thing to ask for."

"Certainly it's not the first thing that I pray about every day. But everyone wants to be successful and you want to do well in life, so when you feel like that's been answered, it's emotional. And I don't know, I thought about it the last eight or ten laps. I was like, you know, if I win this race, Lord, if you don't throw a caution, is what I said, and I win this race, I'm going to explain to people my feelings and why I felt that way," McMurray continued.

"And I think that's important. I watch other professional athletes, whether it's bull riders or basketball players or motorcycle riders, you hear them get out and you hear them thank God and talk about the power of prayer, and I just think that that's important for people to understand, and understand why my feelings were the way they were."

We get it Jamie. 

Don't stop believing.

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