Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wilson Should Wear His Penalty With Pride

If your first name is Shane and your last name is Wilson, then you'll probably have some free time on your hands during the next few weeks.

Although NASCAR reduced the suspension for Wilson (who's the crew chief for the No. 33 team of Clint Bowyer), he'll still have to sit out four races. He won't return to the track until Nov. 7.

But Wilson shouldn't fret too much.

Back in the day, bending the rules 'til they almost broke was a mark of honor. (Junior Johnson anyone?) And more recently, a few line-crossin' crew chiefs once benched by NASCAR have gone on to do pretty darn well. 

Case in point? Chad Knaus.

So I say to Shane Wilson, embrace your newfound renegade status.  Wear your infraction like a NASCAR merit badge.  After all, you don't get far without pushing the envelope. And whether the wrecker-made-us-do-it defense was legit or not, you've now joined the ranks of an elite band of rebel brothers.

Oh, and if you're looking for something to do while you're missing Fontana, I hear there's a construction crew in Charlotte that could use help filling a sinkhole.

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