Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Vegas Jimmie, Vegas!

For a back-to-back-to-back Sprint Cup champion, Jimmie Johnson has got to be the most understated winner in all of motorsports. He doesn't make a fuss. He doesn't make waves. He doesn't make enemies. He just makes good. Race after race after race.

And it's about time for ol' Jimmie to start making good this year. The last go 'round in Vegas wasn't a high point for the #48 team. But prior to that day (which is forever burned--like poison acid--into the minds of Johnson fans), Jimmie and Chad snagged a Nevada victory three years in a row.

On Sunday (thanks to an engine switch by pole sitter Kyle Busch), Johnson starts on the front row. And if the car looks as good as it did in qualifying tonight, he's gonna get his shot at another Vegas burnout.

But even if Johnson was starting back in the field, he'd have a chance at the checkers. How many times have we watched him pick off car after car, like a sniper with his target in sight? He's smooth, methodical and stealthy. And, if his Chevy is good and the creek don't rise, he's almost always there at the end, challenging for the lead.

So Jimmie J, if you win on Sunday, I have one request. Do something a little crazy. Cause a little ruckus.

After all, you are in Vegas.

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