Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome Back Infield Parking!

The social networking site for NASCAR fans, Infield Parking, has been down for a while. And I've been experiencing withdrawals--especially during and after the Daytona 500. I found myself trying to log on to the site repeatedly, but to no avail. And then reality set in, where was I going to go to talk about the race? Where could I find forums devoted to "Vickersgate"? And where could I find links to the latest news, videos and pix?

Well, it may be a week late in coming, but tonight I tried once more. And guess what? Infield Parking is back! It's still in Beta testing stage, but that's OK. I don't care if I have to rebuild my parking space and find all new friends. At least I know that when something big happens at the track, I can log on and lament or celebrate with my fellow race fans.

If you've never been on I suggest you try it. But don't say I didn't warn you: it can cause addiction.

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