Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kyle to F1? Say It Ain't So!

When word broke today that Kyle Busch's agent said the driver is "leaving the door open" for a switch to Formula One racing, there were -- most assuredly -- legions of NASCAR fans who heaved a collective sigh of relief and muttered a "good riddance" under their breaths.

This news was probably also viewed as a providential blessing straight from the throne of heaven by the small, struggling Camping World and Nationwide teams who are dog-tired of gazing at Kyle's bumper, while their opportunity to impress potential sponsors grows bleaker with each race he wins.

Yes, Kyle is arrogant, at times mean-spirited, and he often acts like he's God's gift to motorsports. However, the loss of Kyle Busch to Sprint Cup racing would be a terrible blow to the series.

Imagine the Sprint Cup Chase without Busch. Who would fans boo with snarls of disdain? Who would they blame for every wreck, spinout and caution that hampered their favorite driver? And who would take his place as King of All Things Theatrical and Antagonizer of Earnhardt and Edwards?

Though Tony Stewart has had his moments, and Denny Hamlin can be obnoxious when necessary, there's just nobody like Kyle for racing excitement, quotable interviews, and sheer blood-boiling drama.

Don't believe me? Just imagine how much fun we would have missed without moments like these:

"Some guys having some bad days and not doing their best out there, just made their bad day our bad day. It's just a shame. It's just unfortunate that two guys got together that were a lap down that were fighting over nothing."

“It's unfortunate that a guy that's messed up his whole day on pit road and screwed up that he has to make our day worse.”

"He hit me getting into Turn 1. Whatever. Carl's going to say he's sorry, that he didn't want to race that way, but he always does. We'll take it, we'll go on and we'll race him that way in the Chase if that's the way he wants it.”

"He was slowing me down a tremendous amount. I was either going to move him out of the way or he was going to get out of the way."

"I left a lane for him on the outside because I knew he was going to have a good run coming off the corner. He ran me over for no reason whatsoever.”

"He'll always come back and say he's sorry, He did it at Milwaukee and he's done it a few other times. It's just his normal fashion. That's fine. I've grown to know that now."

“I guess Harvick didn't have very nice things to say, and Carl got his feelings hurt.”

"Walking down pit road, [when] saying congratulations to Jeff Gordon, I got blown off. I guess I'm the outsider looking in now and I'll probably not be invited to the team meetings next week."

Yes, Kyle is the man we love to hate. But let's face it. We'd all hate it if he left.


  1. Frankly, I would love to see Kyle sweep all three NASCAR championships this year and then tell them to stick it and go to F-1!

    It is a shame when talent isn't enough - one is supposed to be PC as well as warm and cuddly to "earn" fans.

  2. Absolutly agree.

    He is the driver we all love to hate and hate to love, someone who can always bring something to the track week in and week out. Without having him around, what else would we complain about??? He keeps it interesting!!!!

  3. Tony has lost some of his spark, his fire, and now as an owner it will probably go furthur away for us. So now Kyle has that fire in the pit of his stomach and makes every race exciting to watch.

  4. He's almost more Dale Earnhart Sr. than Jr. is. He's just not called the intimadator yet! I'm not his fan but he is slowly winning my favor with his newer clean style.

  5. This came up last year also. Yet isn't there more money in NASCAR than F1?

    Yea, we all like hating his snit fits but the boy sure can wheel a car!

    Butch nailed it on the head, what I was thinking. Everyone hated Dale Sr while he was on his way to his fame. I don't think this kids' any different.

    Cripes... did I just say that our loud?