Friday, March 6, 2009

Hey Bruton -- Leave Homestead Alone!

Bruton Smith is at it again. And this time, he has probably ticked off every race fan in Florida.

According to a story on, Smith is calling for NASCAR to move the Cup season finale from the Homestead Miami Speedway to some bigger, flashier track (like Atlanta or Vegas--which Smith's company just happens to own).

His exact words were, "Why have the last race of the season at some Godforsaken area just north of Cuba?"

Well, let this fourth generation Floridian be blunt: why the hell not?

Homestead may not be a slick SMI mega-track, but I doubt race fans are griping about having to travel to an exotic locale like South Florida to spend one of the most exciting weekends on the circuit. Oh, I forgot, who would willingly visit the The Sunshine State? I mean there's nothing here but beautiful weather, outdoor recreation and miles of sparkling water, sand and wetlands.

Next thing you know, Smith will be saying we should abandon Daytona.


  1. As another fourth generation Floridian, I couldn't have said it better myself!! The only thing that could make that race any better is if it were held in the Keys!! AHHH, if only....

  2. I think Bruton is right... Vegas would made a great final race for Nascar.. Bye Bye B Happy!

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  4. get rid of the top 12 race for the chase bull &**% and then who cares where the last race is run!!!

    What does location have to do with it Bruton?
    Shouldnt' the discussion be more about the track and what it offers?

  5. I think the last race should be on a short track on a saturday night. Nothing but smoke and dented sheet metal

  6. Yeah! Let the last race get run at Hialeah Speedway!!