Saturday, March 14, 2009

NASCAR in Hollywood -- A Trend That Could Be Lucrative

Now that Jeff Burton is appearing in soap operas and Michael Waltrip is trying his hand at situation comedy, why not go all out? The stars of NASCAR could begin a lucrative new entertainment trend by following suit. Besides, the drivers are already old hands at delivering lines on camera. Why not parlay that experience into some off-season fun for the masses? It would make the diehards happy and it just might bring new fans into the sport.

With that in mind, here are my picks for what NASCAR personalities should star in which shows. Feel free to offer your own suggestions:

Tony Stewart on "Celebrity Apprentice": Much like The Donald, Stewart has an intimidating personality, obvious business acumen, and he doesn't suffer fools. And now that Stewart is the proud owner of a Cup team, he could be a very smart casting call for the next installment of Trump's hit "reality" show. Imagine what drama would ensue should a tire blow during Tony's trip to the board room.

Carl Edwards on "Survivor": The guy is super-fit, downright charming and clearly competitive. He'd be a shoe-in to win all the physical challenges, and socially savvy enough to make advantageous alliances when necessary. Besides, who wouldn't want to see him run shirtless down some exotic beach?

Kurt and Kyle Busch on "The Amazing Race": They're brothers. They're rivals. And between them, they've got enough attitude to make for some darn good television. With only each other to lean on, they're the perfect pair to engage in a dramatic race around the world.

Jimmie Johnson on "Dancing With the Stars": I can see him now ... all dressed up in a tux and tails doing an elegant foxtrot with a bedazzled partner. Johnson's got the looks, self-possession and style to be a serious contender for that glittering disco ball trophy. Besides, if Jimmie is too busy, Darrell Waltrip could always sub with a ballroom version of the "Ickey Shuffle".

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on "The Office": Although casting him for "The Bachelor" seems the more obvious choice, that might be too much of an invasion of privacy for ol' Junebug. But I've heard that "The Office" is one of Junior's favorite shows. Perhaps he could play the new Dunder Mifflin temp and Michael Scott's whipping boy for an episode or two.

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  1. Hi there!

    Greetings... hope this finds you doing well.
    My name is Paulo "McCoy" Lava. I'm from Brazil (South America. Not the city at Indiana and I have been a fan of NASCAR Sprint since 1981... I have followed it, devoutly. Nowadays, I work as Historian and journalist for several media outlets.
    That said, now on to the main reason of this message. I enjoyed your post... actually, I just found it because I was doing a search at as a long-time NASCAR Fan, I really would like to see more and more Hollywood movies features NASCAR. Not only movies 'about' but movies on which can be featured families that loves NASCAR. Takes "High frequency" -- starred by Dennis Quaid --, as an example given: on that movie, Quaid is a baseball fan. IMHO, he could be featured as a NASCAR fan. And so on... I suppose I could list several movies.
    However and, about your list... what about Juan-Pablo Montoya working at the Mexican TV Show called "Chavo"? JP could act as the rich boy called "Quicko" (hope you don't mind with this suggestion).
    Many thanks your attention to this message.


    PS: I have a personal profile at "Orkut" (There’s an album, on which my NASCAR die-cast collection is featured)