Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not the Feud We Expected...

At the end of last season, it was pretty evident that Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski would continue their fender-banging, smack-talking feud into 2010.

But leave it to California to rekindle a feud that may have had the least shelf life.

Who would have guessed that Greg Biffle and Joey Logano would be the first to renew the bad blood we saw last year?

To be honest, this particular imbroglio hardly seems fair. Biffle is a vet who has been racing in the Nationwide Series for 11 years, and in Cup for nine. Logano got his first start in both series as recently as 2008.

Yet Biff continues to pick on The Kid.

Before Biffle got into him, Logano had his first win of the season essentially locked up. He led almost every lap and was looking strong down the stretch. But then that pesky Biffle got into him on the restart with two laps to go. And their little dustup gave Kyle Busch the chance he needed to pull out a victory.

Logano, post-race, looked none too happy and quickly put the blame on Biffle's shoulders, ending with what could be construed as a threat. “You keep doing that, and eventually it’s going to come back and bite you,” Logano said.

Meanwhile, Biffle chalked up their contact to a "rookie mistake" of Logano's, saying The Kid spun his tires on the restart.

Not quite the verbal fusillade that characterized the Hamlin versus Keselowski match. But who knows? If Logano gets pushed one more time, he might just shed that choir boy persona and hit Biff where it hurts.

Now that would be something to see.

Photo: Joey Logano's pole-winning No. 20 car led almost the whole race, but didn't take the checkers - Getty Images

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