Monday, May 31, 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again for Kurt and Kyle Busch

For the second race in a row, Kurt Busch held off all comers to snag the checkered flag.

And, for the second race in a row, his Victory Lane celebration was upstaged by little brother Kyle.

While Busch the senior doused his jubilant crew with Miller Lite, Busch the younger received a dressing down by an irate Jeff Burton. Burton was hot under the firesuit after a move by Busch on the final restart cut one of Burton's tires.

The moment made for darn good TV. And FOX cut away from the winning team's celebration to show \an image of Kyle Busch standing by his car on pit road while Burton gave Kyle a colorfully worded earful -and a few finger jabs to boot. For a minute, when Busch responded to Burton's comments with a laugh, it looked like Burton might just take a swing at the object of his wrath.

But lately, such TV moments have been all in a day's work for Kyle B.

Last week it was Denny Hamlin and the come-to-Jesus meeting with Joe Gibbs in the hauler. This week brought a public scolding by one of the sport's senior statesman.

What's next - mud wrestling with Miss Sprint Cup?

Regardless, I bet Kurt sometimes wishes he was an only child. Because nobody likes to be upstaged.

Especially by a sibling.

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