Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Where I Sit: 2010 NASCAR Year in Review

Looking back on 2010, the NASCAR images that are emblazoned in my mind are those I witnessed in person.

Richard Petty and Bobby Allison running into each other before the Homestead race.

A young Dale Jr. fan telling Jimmie Johnson she'd switch drivers if he'd only sign her hat (which he promptly did with a smile).

Tony Stewart handing his Coke bottle to a little No. 14 fan after driver introductions at Talladega.

My Mom meeting Joey Logano at the Homestead Tweetup.

Dancing with my nephews on the Daytona infield to the music of Zac Brown Band.

My cousin Michael finally getting Dale Earnhardt Jr's autograph.

I've discovered that NASCAR is a highly personal sport.  Sure, there are the driver feuds, photo finishes and dramatic races that the collective remembers. But the moments that mean the most are those that are yours.  That you shared with family.  That you enjoyed with friends.

I was fortunate enough to make a slew of NASCAR memories this year.  Above are just a few of them.

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