Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some NASCAR Holiday Reading: These Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs

While there are still a lot of worthy NASCAR blogs out there,
one of my favorites, NASCAR This Week, will go dark later this month.
There's one thing I love about the NASCAR off-season, and that's having more time to catch up on what other bloggers are up to.

There are the sites I read on a regular basis - and then there are those that I've just recently discovered. But what I've found across the board, is that there are a lot of great folks doing a lot of great work promoting the sport that they love.

I can't list every site worthy of a mention, but below are a few of my favorite NASCAR blogs. Be sure to check them out during your online reading rounds.

First, a clarification - my buddies at are much more than a blog. They broadcast four different podcasts - Over the Wall, Gas and Go, Hammer Down and Spotters Nest. Their team covers races like media pros and they're one of the few sites who have been awarded the honor of inclusion into the NASCAR Citizen Journalists Media Corp.

Another one of my favorite cyber spaces is NASCAR Ranting and Raving. It's chock full of stuff from editorial and interviews to cartoons and sound bites.

Skirts & Scuffs is another site I check on a regular basis. These ladies know their NASCAR and they're prolific posters - if it's happening in the sport, they've posted about it (or will be soon).

For a look at NASCAR from a fan's perspective, you can't beat Amy's Bad Groove. She's an unabashed Tony Stewart fangirl - and she has put together a darn good blog.

If you're on the outside looking in, then The NASCAR Insiders have your back. Their "Ask the Insiders Wednesday" gets my vote as the best weekly feature on the Net.

During the season, I'm a frequent visitor to The Spotter Stand. Their "Catch Can" feature is a great forum for fans. And when they hit the track, they take some fantastic photos.

And now for some sad news. My buddies at NASCAR This Week have ceased operations and will go offline later this month. With posts by the great Monte Dutton and frequent guest columns by bloggers (including yours truly), this was the most well-written NASCAR site on the Web. Period.

On a personal note, NASCAR This Week editor, David Cohea, supported me and gave me column space when I first started this blog, and I couldn't be more appreciative. He's also a fantastic editor and writer in his own right.

Godspeed - this chick will miss you!

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