Saturday, August 1, 2009

Iowa - Yes! Poco - No!

On a weekend when the Cup series hits what may be the most boring track on the circuit, the Nationwide drivers broke in the Iowa Speedway with one heckuva race.

Lap after lap, rivals Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski battled for the win. And what looked like a major pit strategy gaffe by the #88 team ended up being a "stroke of genius" in the end. Never giving up, an up-on-the-wheel Keselowski hammered it home on old tires, nosing past Busch and streaking to the checkers.

And while the sell-out crowd at Iowa and the sit-down crowd at home were treated to a pulse-pounding event, I doubt the Cup race tomorrow will deliver as much excitement.

While other Sprint Cup tracks have well-deserved and rather intimidating nicknames like "Beast of the Southeast," or the "Monster Mile," Pocono Raceway is best summed up as "The Tricky Triangle"--hardly a reason to expect wild and woolly racing.

Instead of nixing an Atlanta date, I vote we take a race away from Pocono and give it to Iowa...Cup could sure use some of that cornfed excitement.


  1. Couldn't agree more. The Iowa race was great!!
    Pocono will at least allow me to get a good nap in to recoup from the excitmnet from today :)

  2. Yet another demonstration of why the short tracks offer much more racing than the 1 1/2 mile tracks built for 'demographics'.

  3. Great to see you posting again ... Pocono, as it turned out, was pretty exciting. Go figure. Lots of subplots to give it heat.