Monday, August 31, 2009

The NASCAR Twitter-lution

If you're not on Twitter yet, you should be. 'Specially if you claim to be a NASCAR fan. More and more NASCAR drivers are tweeting--and so are there wives, their spotters, their PR guys and TV commentators. And because of this recent Twitter-lution more and more fans are getting an inside look at the world of racing--for better of worse.

Sometimes the behind-the-scenes peek is interesting and kinda funny. Like when Michael Waltrip @mw55 posts pix of his church's Sunday morning service or his nephew's backyard wedding. Or when @DeLanaHarvick teases hubby Kevin about his lackluster spelling skills.
Then there's @kylepetty, who uses Twitter to answer his fans' questions about everything from Danica Patrick to Victory Junction.

But sometimes, Twitter takes a more serious turn. Just ask Max Papis. After this Sunday's Nationwide race in Montreal, @maxpapis used his Twitter account to vent his frustrations for all the world to read. Namely, his beef with fellow racer Brad Keselowksi. Here's the rundown, according to Papis:

For all of u Brad K just text me he want to explain what happened I will look at reply and call him in the next days from TwitterBerry

Still had a great great fun looove to be in Nascar is a real sport real people and real racing .... IT was great to be always sideways from TwitterBerry

Was still fun to run in the rain but in the last 10 laps people were just crazy .Nascar cars r great in rain I'm just mad as some drivers from TwitterBerry

Dear Brad K u have long way to go before beeing a real champ like Mark Martin looooongggg way from TwitterBerry

It was piss poor for Brad Kesolowsky to spun me around he showed no class at all I will give it back to him when he will remember

No news yet on whether Papis and Keselowski have mended fences...but Sunday's post-race rant was telling.

Drivers no longer need a camera in front of their faces to make a point, talk trash or start a feud. All they need to do is hit a few keys and click "update".

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