Thursday, August 27, 2009

NASCAR Off Weekend -- What's a Driver to Do?

A little time off is a beautiful thing. Doesn't matter if you wear a white collar, blue collar or a firesuit, there's nothing like some R&R to set your soul free and put your mind at ease.

And while the boys of NASCAR will be enjoying some well-deserved down time this weekend (their last of the season), fans of the sport are going to be experiencing the pangs of racing withdrawal.

That's where the good folks at come in. They've put together a page of behind-the-scenes facts that lets fans in on just what some of their favorite drivers will be doing come Saturday.

Just Search ‘NASCAR Off Weekend’ on and you'll find exclusive info. including the scoop on rookie Scott Speed who will be taking his long awaited honeymoon to the Caribbean. You'll also discover that Clint Bowyer is taking a trip back home to Kansas, and that Kyle Busch won't be off at all--he'll be driving in the Camping World Truck Series race at Chicagoland and the Nationwide race in Montreal.

As an added bonus, fans who think they have a great idea for what else the drivers could be doing on their off weekends, can e-mail the idea to for a chance to win autographed Bobby Labonte merchandise.

This fan has her own ideas about what some of the top-tier drivers will be doing during their mini-vacation. My guess is that Michael Waltrip will be updating his Twitter status every two minutes with such fascinating tweets as the current state of his digestive system to the lyrics of his new favorite country song --but wait, that's every weekend. Greg Biffle? Well, he'll be trying not to do himself a harm while boating with his buddies. Brian Vickers will be squirreled away in a dark lab somewhere, devising a foolproof plan to wreak havoc on Kyle Busch. And finally, good ol' Tony Stewart will be spending all weekend counting up his Sprint Cup winnings.

Speaking of Tony Stewart, stay tuned to find out the winners of NASCARista's
"If I Were Smoke" contest. Winners will be announced next week.

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