Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chase, Chase, and More Chase

Can you tell it's Chase Media Week? The "dandy dozen" are making the rounds in Manhattan as we speak. Tonight, in fact, all 12 Cup contenders will be appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 on NBC. Then tomorrow morning, the chasers will be on ABC Good Morning America followed by Live With Regis and Kelly. Check here for your local Regis listing.

Earlier today Kurt Busch, driver of the Blue Deuce, talked to ESPN's Jay Crawford about his little bro not making the cut.

"I was devastated for him, I couldn’t believe it that he didn’t make it,” Busch said, “He won four races so far this year, and the way that their team has been running. They just didn’t put that consistency together throughout the summer run. And so him outside looking in right now is tough. But hey, I’ll be the Busch brother to carry the banner for this year’s Chase.”

Gee...can you imagine how devastated Kyle feels?

Photo: Kurt Busch on ESPN's First Take. Photo courtesy of ESPN

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