Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quote of the Day Goes to Jack Roush

Carl Edwards put on the biggest show last night in the Nationwide Series Virginia 529 College Savings 250, but team owner Jack Roush wins the prize for most imaginative quote.

Edwards maneuvered his Ford from worst to first - a win made even more impressive due to his discussed ad-nauseum Frisbee injury. The reason for Edward's tail-of-the field start? A spark plug change after the car was impounded post qualifying.

When asked about the issue that put his driver in starting position #43, Roush sounded like he'd been reading Edgar Allan Poe in the hauler: ""When the sun goes down and the moon goes full, the demons creep in sometimes on us at night," team owner Jack Roush. "I'm sure it was just an isolated component failure of some kind. One way or the other, we'll try to avoid that going forward."

For a guy often called the Cat in the Hat, Roush's words aren't Seussical in the least. To the contrary, I half expected him to end his answer with "Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'"... but maybe he's saving that for HALLOW-DEGA.

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