Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama or Eldora? Not too tough a choice...

While President Obama is selling his national health care plan to Congress tonight, this U.S. citizen will be tuned in to the goings on at Eldora Speedway. Perhaps that means I'm apathetic regarding issues of national importance, but to be honest, unless Senators Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi challenge Mitch McConnell and John McCain to a duel, the 2009 Prelude to a Dream is going to be the REAL must-see TV.

Besides, I can always read the text of Obama's speech online later...but missing a live, mid-week race? I mean, is this even worth debating?

In addition to putting on the event at Eldora and racing a Cup car each week, Tony Stewart is one busy dude. In fact, as the result of some ad man's surreal brainstorm, Stewart recently finished filming a new Burger King commercial with no other than Erik Estrada of "ChiPs" fame and comedian Carrot Top. (I admit, I had a crush on Estrada when I was five...)

“The Tony Stewart School of Endorsements” is the latest ad campaign for BURGER KING® restaurants and includes a series of four ads showcasing Stewart with his favorite menu item, the famous WHOPPER® sandwich. Visit for more information on Burger King Corp.’s national promotion with Stewart-Haas Racing.

And why don't you join me in ditching the big Presidential speech for an event that's well, pretty darn exciting. Remember, the proceeds from the Prelude telecast benefit the men and women of the U.S. military.

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