Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Won't Buying This Mag For the Articles...

Now that this pic of Carl Edwards from ESPN Magazine's upcoming "Body Issue" has made the rounds on the 'Net, female fans have just two things to say:

1. Thank you ESPN.
2. Please God, let Carl start wearing this look during driver introductions.

Clearly, Carl's the perfect pick for the mag's special section, titled "Bodies We Want" (talk about a double entendre). And his inclusion in the mag got me to thinking...if I were a magazine editor, which driver would I pick to grace my cover?

So to be fair, and to give other NASCAR stars their due, I present my selections for the new cover boys of motorsports.

Jimmie Johnson: That man can wear a suit. So move over George Clooney and co., Johnson's got looks and smooth to spare. He's the masculine equivalent of a little black dress. He looks good with anything (and in anything). Ergo, he needs to be on the cover of GQ--and pronto.

Dale Earnhardt Jr: With a little scruff and a lot of Southern, Junior always looks a tad uncomfortable when he's dressed up for some industry awards do. But put him in a Carhardt jacket and a Remington ball cap, and he looks ruggedly right at home. That's why he's my pick to grace the cover of Field & Stream. Speaking of Field & Stream...anyone catch their latest story about the new way to start a fire?

Tony Stewart: Smoke may not have classic cover boy looks, but he's got the brains and the guts to build a new race team -- and so far, his risk has paid dividends. That's why I'm choosing Stewart for the cover of Forbes Magazine. After all, Forbes is no stranger to racing...they're covering the Penske Saturn story right now.

Joey Logano: Though he's manned up this year on the Sprint Cup track, Logano's choir boy visage still appeals more to the tweens and the teens. So kiss Nick Jonas goodbye and get ready for Sliced Bread on the cover of Tiger Beat. He's cute, he's talented and he looks like the type of boy any mother would love.

Kurt and Kyle Busch: They may not be co-starring in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but when things don't go their way on race day, they're the most entertaining things on four wheels (though Denny Hamlin garners a close third). That's why the Busch brothers ought to be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but only when they're good and riled up.

Photo credit: ESPN The Magazine/SARAH A. FRIEDMAN


  1. What about Mark Martin? He is just as fit or better than Carl Edwards!

  2. Michael Waltrip is still the most gorgeous hunk since Elvis and John Wayne left us!!!