Thursday, October 1, 2009

Awww...Smoke Gets a Hug

Tony Stewart may be tough as nails behind the wheel of his Office Depot/Old Spice Chevy. But Wednesday in Kansas City, he was all heart.

At an event staged at the Office Depot at North Oak Village Plaza, Stewart joined the Office Depot Foundation for a special "Back to School Celebration. That's where Smoke helped donate more than 2,200 backpacks loaded with school supplies to representatives from local schools and children's organizations. While there, Stewart also signed autographs for more than 300 fans.

One young backpack recipient was so happy with his new school stuff, that he couldn't help but give Stewart a hug.

But I'm not so sure Smoke would want you to see this sweet little photo. Might ruin his tough-talkin' image.


  1. There was a time when I was not a Tony Stewart fan and wished he would have stayed in open wheel racing, instead of coming to NASCAR. The more I watched him on and off the race track, the faster that attitude changed! I believe he has now donated $2 million to the Victory Junction Gang Camp and it appears that he takes every opportunity to do something for the less fortunate! He is one hell of a racer and seems to have a heart to match! Way to go Smoke!

  2. Tony is very generous - he rocks!!!! Lova ya Smoke!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just doesnt get any better :)