Monday, October 5, 2009

Kyle Petty - Hall, Bikes and Project Runway

Former NASCAR driver and current TV personality Kyle Petty was kind enough to answer a few questions for us yesterday about his upcoming Ride to Victory. But he also discussed a few other topics about which race fans are curious. Read on for a brief Q&A with the ever-accommodating KP.

During this year's ride, you guys are stopping at the new NASCAR Hall of Fame. Race fans are really excited about its opening. Have you cast your vote for who should be in the first class...and who did you vote for?

"I think Bill France Sr. should be the ONLY person inducted the first year. There would be no NASCAR without him. Everyone else comes next year."

How many bikes do you own and which one is your favorite?

"I have enough bikes for Pattie, Montgomery Lee, Randy, Austin and myself to ride when we take trips. It’s fun to ride with the whole family. My favorite is my 65 PanHead and my project bike that may never be finished."

I know you're a big Project Runway fan. But would you rather ride your bike or watch Runway?

"ALWAYS rather be riding! But I wish Project Runway would design me a cool motorcycle jacket!"
Photo courtesy of the folks at Kyle Petty Charity Ride

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