Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Story Behind That Carl Edwards' Shirt

After Sunday's race in Kansas City, the folks at ABC stuck around long enough to interview just about every driver on the lead lap. They even talked to racers who had already shucked their firesuits for more comfortable casual wear.

Carl Edwards was one of the latter interviewees. And the T-shirt he wore during his post-race interview has caused quite a stir on line. From what I could see at the time, it looked like a bunch of balloons and birds. But there's much more to this shirt.

The tee is from a company called Mythic LLC, which is run by siblings Kody Davies Strong and Rocky Davies. It turns out their Mom's company sponsored Edwards during his rookie year, and they still maintain a good friendship. So Mom passed the word about her kids' new t-shirt line on to Carl and the rest is history.

"She told him about the shirts my brother and I were distributing and he asked us to send our full line to him because he liked them so much," Strong said. "He wears them for fun or to work out in."

Here's the scoop on the particular shirt Carl wore on-camera. Entitled "The Wrong Brothers," the shirt was concepted by Rocky and comes complete with a back story--the tale of two brothers (Orvelli and Wilbert) who don't quite discover the secret of flying. Considering that Edwards is a fan of flying--both on the racetrack and in the skies--the shirt is entirely apropos.

The shirt (and most of Mythic's other offerings) comes in men's and women's sizes and retails for $20.

"We are desperately trying to get them in popular stores around The States," Strong said. "It takes time to get a line started, but we are working on it through friends and clever tee ideas."

Looks like they've got a good start. I'm thinking a little nationwide airtime by a bona fide NASCAR star is gonna be good for business.

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