Sunday, October 11, 2009

Talk About an Unlikely NASCAR Feud...

Forget Junior vs. Kyle Busch, Keselowski vs. Hamlin and Johnson vs. Kurt Busch.

A new NASCAR feud has erupted and it comes from the most unlikely pairing of all - Joey Logano versus Greg Biffle. Logano is the well-meaning new kid on the block. Biffle a seasoned vet who doesn't usually let his temper run away with his reason. But relations between the two got downright ugly this weekend.

Maybe it's the California smog that mucked up Biffle's thinking. But early in Saturday's Nationwide Series race, the Biff -- who later declared he was still resentful of last week's dust-up with Logano-- radioed to his crew that he was gonna put the Kid into the wall. And sure enough, when he got next to Logano, he gave him a less-than gentle shove right into the fence, causing fender damage to the #20 car and frustration for Logano.

In an ironic twist of fate, or perhaps a humorous turn of Karma, it was Logano who ended up pulling out after the dust settled. Meanwhile, Biffle was forced to swallow his own bitter pill as Hamlin sent him wheeling into the concrete and away from contention.

Grinning from ear-to-ear in Victory Lane, Logano described the event as the most fun race he'd ever won. Meanwhile Biffle summed up their altercation by misquoting an old axiom thus: "What comes around goes around in this sport."

But it didn't end there. Somewhere in Fontana's infield, Logano's Dad Tom was still fuming at his boy's playground bully ...and he decided to give Biffle a piece of his mind on pit road. And although the ESPN cameras missed this fascinating bit of drama, NASCAR officials did not. They pulled Papa Tom's hard card, which means he'll have to file for credentials on a race-by-race basis.

I don't know if Biffle will face any penalties from the boys in the hauler. But one thing's for certain - he better stay away from Tom L. And he might just want to watch his back around Joey today. Logano starts just a couple rows behind him -- and he's got a score to settle.


  1. So did NASCAR pull Biffle's wife's (gf at the time) hardcard a few years back when she & Eva Busch got into it?

  2. I got my $$$$ on the #20 even though I hate ORANGE

  3. Greg Biffle can drive circles around Joey Logano. And whup is a$$. His wife could whup the the Loganos a$$
    Go Biff