Saturday, October 3, 2009

Logano's Made a Fan Outta Me

Joey Logano has made a fan out of me.

I'm sure there are legions of folks who feel the same. Back in February, I sat in the Daytona grandstand and decided that Joe Gibbs had a screw loose when he put Logano on the track at the 500. I mean, Joey didn't even have a full Nationwide season under his belt for heaven's sake! Surely Sprint Cup racing would would eat this neophyte alive.

But such thinking would be why Joe Gibbs owns a race team and I own a diecast.

Of course, I've never harbored any ill feelings toward Kid Joey. I just had my doubts--and lots of them. But after last Sunday's roller coaster ride down the concrete of Dover and this afternoon's pass of Kyle Busch for the win, Logano has zoomed meteorically in the humble opinion of NASCAR peons like me.

First, the kid is tough. Six days ago, he walked away from a wreck that would have left even a hardened driver questioning his choice of careers. And today, he got right back in a race car and proved he has the mettle to tangle with the big boys. And how.

Second, the kid is focused. Logano hung around in the top five for most of the race, just biding his time, waiting for his chance And then he took his No. 20 car to the outside and went around his teammate Kyle Busch and ended up with the "W". Even the TV talking heads were surprised, nay, shocked. After all, they had called the race for Kyle Busch about 50 laps earlier.
But pundits have been wrong before.

Finally, the kid has class. Sure, he's young. And at times he still sounds like your 16-year-old cousin talking about the hit he took at football practice. But Logano manages to always speak to reporters, look at the camera even on an off day, all while exhibiting a smile and a controlled demeanor--a demeanor which seems to belie a fiercely competitive spirit.

So kudos to Joey from your brand-new fan. Oh, and my sincerest apologies to Joe Gibbs.


  1. I totally agree with you NASCAR-ista. I just hope that Joey doesn't start acting like his teammates Denny (Diva) and Weed (Kyle).

  2. I had him jammed down my throat by the media before he ever got here, sooo had very nagative feelings towards him. And a couple of comments he made after a Cup Lite race didn't endear him to me either. But my heart was in my throat when I saw him flipping in that car & when his dad was running to the care center. So he's had a rough hill to climb w/me. But he's slowly, slowly bringing me around. Maybe, one day...

  3. I have been a HUGE Biffle Fan for years, back when he ruled Portland Speedway. I was there Saturday night at AC Speedway. Saw Everything. Several years from now, after he pays his dues, Joey will for sure mature into one of the few champions and diplomats of our sport. His media jacked feud with the Biff helps generate fans for our sport. That is always good... Joey and Biffle dominated conversations with scores of fans chatting around the infield campfires. There are many great fan insites and opinions on what Joey has expierenced during the last several weeks life of his young life. He is budding into a full blown adult right in front or the worlds NASCAR EYES !!!!!!!!!!!! I am for JL and still cheer for the Biff. Joey will thank the Biff some day. And Thank You Joey and company for the thrills and excitement you gave the NASCAR fans for the last few weeks, especially the last 3 1/2 days.
    GO GO Joey !!!!!
    Sac Town. Pleasant Hill Ca.