Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Estrada Glasses - Going, Going, Gone!

Boy those Estrada glasses from Tony Stewart's newest Burger King commercial sure have started somethin'. They're all the buzz online -- even Michael Waltrip was obsessing a little about "Estrada" on a recent episode of This Week in NASCAR on Speed TV.

In the Burger King Corp. ad campaign titled, “The Tony Stewart School of Endorsements,” Stewart advises other celebrities on how to successfully endorse products. In the quirky ads, Stewart explains to his class that they should “only endorse things you believe in” and that they have to be authentic to be successful – just like his love for the WHOPPER® sandwich.

Stewart’s famous students included actor Erik Estrada, the infamous Ponch on the 1980s hit television show “CHiPs". The first ad features Estrada promoting a line of sunglasses with his name emblazoned across the lenses.

The shades have become an instant cult classic and 150 pairs are currently being auctioned on eBay. The bidding ends at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23, so be sure to check out http://www.estradaglasses.com/ for more information.

All proceeds from the sale of the sunglasses will go directly to Burger King Corp.’s HAVE IT YOUR WAY® Foundation.

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