Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Danica, Don't Make Us Look Bad

It's all over the Web - Danica Patrick will reportedly drive for JR Motorsports next year in the Nationwide Series (and maybe for KHI in the truck series as well).

From the moment ESPN's Ryan McGee broke the story, fans from Bangor to Birmingham have been opining both positively and negatively about Patrick's move to the NASCAR ranks.

I'm no IndyCar expert, and I sure can't speak credibly to Patrick's racing acumen. But I do have a request for Patrick as she makes her NASCAR debut: don't make us look bad.

It's gonna take a while for Danica to earn the respect of the NASCAR community. And she's just been handed a historic opportunity to show what a woman can do behind the wheel. Maybe if she follow these three little rules, Danica will find the transition to Nationwide just a little bit easier.

1. There's no crying in NASCAR - Lots of fans doubt if Patrick is tough enough to handle the rough and tumble world of stock car racing. I'm just hoping she doesn't tear up if things don't go her way (or even if they do). Women have a hard enough time being taken seriously in their chosen careers without bursting into sobs every time they get frustrated. And if the only woman on the track cries on camera, there goes any hope for our gender in the sport.

2. Hissy fits are not an option - In short, Partrick needs to leave the diva in the motorhome and exhibit some humility when she enters that Daytona infield. Respect the sport. Respect the other drivers. Show up with a visible appreciation for the history of NASCAR as well as an appreciation for the fans--it'll make your transition to the sport that much easier.

3. Keep the clothes on - Yes, Danica is drop-dead gorgeous and the male population would gladly cut off their right ear just for a chance to sweep her pit stall. But, in solidarity with her female counterparts, Danica needs to show those boys that she's more than just a piece of eye candy who can wheel a car. She needs to really impress them on the track. Be a tough competitor with an unquenchable fire to win. In short, give us more to talk about than just her cleavage.


  1. milka duno makes danica look like a stray dog.

  2. Amen to that! Your points have been my biggest concerns about her coming over. Women have worked too long and hard to get to where we are and she has the potential to move us either backwards or forwards depending on how she acts. Her attire is my biggest concern - women should be evaluated on performance not looks or willingness to show more than they should.

  3. Amen, sister. I'd like to add to #3: don't perform like a cross between a stripper (GoDaddy commercials) and a super model wannabe (bathing suit photo shoots) and then complain because all people are talking about are your looks and no one takes you seriously. Considering how big a NASCAR fan her mama is, there's a chance my daughter will follow in her footsteps. So, Danica--try to be someone I'm willing to let her look up to.

  4. Danica is a very sexy woman. True. But, why the issue? Like a lot of women you seem to have the normal double standard concerning this issue. Are none of the male drivers not sexy? Do none of them not flaunt it? Tony Stewart and Old Spice? "The young guns" and Gillette? Come on, get real and grow up. It's an adult world and Danica is going to use her good looks as much as the guys have for years. IF she actually comes over to Nascar, the old style thinking in Nascar, including the thinking in this article and the one post will need to change. It's not if Danica is ready for Nascar. The question is really is Nascar ready for Danica. Contrary to the 1960's feel good thinking about "self", it is possible to be sexy, and successfull. Pretty and smart. Cheers to all women who can do it all and not be labeled into a tiny little corner from the left over garbage from the 60's closed mindedness.

  5. You said it far more eloquently than I ever could. Regarding #3, I've said for some time that if Danica's gonna take it off in GoDaddy commercials, and if that's appropriate behavior for a driver, then Dale Jr. needs to do the same. (and yes I would cut off my right ear to see that) And conversely, if Junior's gonna keep his firesuit on, then so should Danica. Especially if she wants to be taken seriously as an athlete.

  6. I told the wife I might add a new picture in my office if Danica comes to Nascar. Right next to Terry Labonte, Bobby Labonte, Dale Sr, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd and Tony Stewart.. She just laughed and said "maybe she can add some excitment to a dieing sport".. We are BOTH long time Nascar fans. As a guy, I've seen many males in adds with open shirts, no shirts, just towels wrapped around the waste. It's been there for years and years for anyone paying attention. If Danica wants to flaunt a little cleavage, go for it. The guys have been doing it for years with NO complaint from women. To see the complaints now about a woman doing the exact same thing is just plain cold cutted sexism. Go Danica, keep being who you are, because it's you. Racer, wife, sexy, talented. Never let anyone tell you that you can't have it all.

  7. Boy, talk about double standards:
    1) Seen some of the guys cry in victory lane (Denny Hamlin comes to mind)
    2) The biggest diva? Kyle Busch...enough said.
    4) Carl Edwards has flaunted it in a few magazines.

  8. SidW said: What cleavege? The only person with less cleavege than Danica is Twiggy.

  9. I thought you had to run smaller tracks before you could run a super speedway as she will probably do at Daytona. Oh I forgot her car owner is Mr. NASCAR so he can do whatever he wants. It's amazing that if his last name wasn't Earnhardt he probably wouldn't even have a ride.