Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Feel-Good Story of Texas

Kurt Busch won it. And now Michael McGee gets to spend it.

McGee, the 2009 Dickies American Worker of the Year, won $1 million when Busch took the checkered flag on Sunday. McGee had randomly selected Busch on Friday as his ticket to riches. The deal was that if Busch won the race, McGee would win a million. And that's exactly what happened.

"I just want to say this has been an absolutely amazing experience," McGee told the press. "I want to first and foremost thank my personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity, and my family, my girlfriend, and Dickies for making this contest possible."

For his part, Kurt Busch was only too happy to oblige, "I had an angel riding along with me. A million bucks for a fan and beat my brother on the sweep, " he told the press.

The 25-year-old McGee (who hails from Broken Bow, Okla.) is a former high school valedictorian who put himself through college. At age 23, McGee purchased his first home and a 41-acre farm. He is a full-time agricultural teacher for 200 students, where he spends many nights, weekends and summers supporting the school’s agricultural program. McGee also owns a successful horse training business.

What's he going to do now? McGee told reporters that he plans to save at least some of it. "I think I'd like to pay off my house and maybe start some sort of scholarship program for some kids going to college," McGee said. "Maybe pursuing some type of career in agriculture, something like that."

Something tells me he's gonna be a Kurt Busch fan for life.

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