Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Burning NASCAR Questions Answered

NASCAR fans are an inquisitive bunch. And during the 2009 season, they had plenty of burning questions, pressing queries and confusing conundrums that begged to be answered.

Below are the top 10 NASCAR searches typed into the search engine this year - and whaddaya know - we've even come up with a few answers to go with them.

1. How do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom? The fact that this was the most-searched NASCAR question of 2009 just goes to show where folks minds are on race day. Right in the toilet. But take heart NASCAR nation, there IS an answer to this rather personal query. Most drivers go before they squeeze into the car. And on hot days, drivers can lose so much fluid during a race, that they typically don't get the urge. If nature does come calling, their only recourse is to go in the suit.

2. How much do NASCAR drivers get paid? If your name is Reed Sorenson, the answer would be a big fat zero. But most drivers DO get paid - and handsomely. Each driver has his own contract and according to, a driver can make as much as $35 million annually. I seriously chose the wrong line of work.

3. What is Dale Earnhardt Jr's girlfriend's name? The offical word is that he's not dating anyone seriously "at this time." But whether you believe this or not all depends on which message board you read. There are rumors circulating that Junebug has been racing online and discussing his current "serious" relationship with fellow cyber racers. But again, who the heck knows. I always thought his most serious relationship was with Tony Eury Jr., but I've been known to be wrong.

4. What does NASCAR stand for? Now what self-respecting NASCAR fan would need to ask such a remedial question? No, it's not "Noise And Smoke, Cars And Races" nor is it "Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks" - it's the National Assocation For Stock Car Auto Racing. 'Nuff said!

5. What is Burnout Alley? Contrary to popular belief, this isn't the place where Goodyears go to die. It's the new super luxurious camping spot at Texas Motor Speedway. Check it out here.

6. Who is Tony Stewart dating? Well it isn't me, that's for sure (not that I'm not available...but that's another blog). However, if you want to take a ride on the rumor mill, this site has some Stewart love info. - past, present and rumored.

7. How do you get a job on a pit crew? The answer is simple - it's what you know AND who you know. The advice online is to make friends at a short track and/or go to pit crew school. For more info. from the experts, check out this article.

8. How do you become a NASCAR driver? This answer could take pages, but you basically have to start young, have talent and work your way up through the racing ranks. OR you could just pose half-naked for a few men's magazines and drive Indy cars for a living...I'm just saying.

9. Why are there flyovers at NASCAR races? Race fans have Bill France Sr. to thank for the fantastic flyovers before each race. The France family has always been particularly patriotic and they often offered free race tickets to members of the military.

10. What do NASCAR drivers wear under their suits? We thought about getting this answer from Michael Waltrip. Then we thought again. Not sure about Mikey, but most drivers wear a T-shirt and shorts or underwear. However, whether boxers are more popular than briefs on race day is not for me to say.


  1. I enjoyed reading this along with your napping article. I think I'll have to start reading your blog on a more regular basis! :)

  2. LOVED your response to question #8. I only recently discovered your blog and love it. I'll be a regular reader.


  3. You say Reed Sorenson doesn't get paid? In his five-year career as a Sprint Cup driver he's won 0 times and earned $17.5 million dollars. Richard Petty, with 54 wins to his credit, earned less than a third as much over his career of 530 races. So a Sprint Cup driver can earn big bucks for doing nuthin'. I got into the wrong line of work, too.