Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More NASCAR Country

So a few of the folks who read my post yesterday about country music and NASCAR have their own suggestions as to which country song epitomizes which driver. So for more NASCAR country, read on. Again, feel free to suggest your own ideas. And, for all you members of Junior Nation, don't miss Dale Jr's appearance on tomorrow night's CMA awards show on ABC.

Dale Earnhardt Jr: Apparently I missed an obvious choice for Dale Jr's personal country anthem. A couple of you suggested Rodney Atkins hit "If You're Going Through Hell," not a bad option considering the type of season Junior has had in 2009.

Carl Edwards: Edwards went the wrong direction Sunday. In fact, if the Chase ended today, Edwards wouldn't even make the stage at the awards show in Vegas. Due to Carl's disappointing day at Texas, one Edwards fan decided a good song for Cousin Carl would be "Backwards" by Rascal Flatts.

AJ Allmendinger: Bless AJ's heart. He was arrested before the Talladega race for driving while under the influence of alchohol. Maybe that's why someone suggested AJ could use Kenny Chesney's "Out Last Night" for an anthem - and perhaps an alibi.

Ryan Newman: Newman's mind-bending wreck at Talladega is still being replayed on sports shows and still the topic of many an online discussion. Thus, an appropriate song for Newman might be Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel," since that may indeed have been his prayer as he flipped down the track, into the grass and landed upside down. Regardless, Newman must have had some sort of providential help...he walked away from the car after he was finally extracted.

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