Monday, June 21, 2010

Gordon Puts On The Hits at Infineon

Something must've gotten under Jeff Gordon's skin at Sonoma.

Maybe he had too much vino the night before.  Or perhaps he was suffering a case of sympathy hormones . But it's more likely the veteran driver has grown tired of playing second fiddle at HMS and decided to bully his way to the front come hell or highwater.

Whatever the reason, Infineon Raceway brought out the mean streak in Gordon.  His all-business mentality sent him plowing into Elliott Sadler, Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr. Clint Bowyer was also caught up in the Sadler melee.

Gordon's hard-driving style made for some exciting moments during and after the race. But it also may have been orchestrated to send a message to his NASCAR compatriots - namely that Jimmie Johnson isn't the only four-time champ on the Cup circuit.

An irate Sadler and a hacked off Truex vowed revenge.  And if they can catch Gordon at Loudon, Sunday's race could be a wreckfest.

And this time it may well be Gordon on the receiving end.


  1. Jeff Gordon was more efficient than roto rooter at Sonoma. He kept clearing the path of irrelevants so the real contenders could race.
    He may pay the price at Loudon but whomever does it will have to spend the rest of the year watching his back.
    Jeff is clever at bumper tag he just wasn't so subtle on Sunday.
    The payback had better be complete because if it isn't done right on the first attempt there won't be a second

  2. I think he's just tired of being cautious on these double file restarts and losing positions everytime while everyone else goes hogwild on the restarts. Might as well join them rather than always getting the short end of the stick.

  3. Gordon sympathizers are blaming this on restarts now. Right. He wrecked Ragan just before the "esses" and got Bowyer, Sadler, and Truex in turn 11.... I think the restarts happen a mile or more away from those spots. Gordon was just wrecking people Sunday. Why so defensive about this? Why does there have to be some explanation as to why it's not his fault? If Gordon is as good as everyone seems to think he is, then these incidents COULDN'T have been anything but intentional. And I'm ok with that - I'm not a Gordon fan AT ALL but glad to see him showing signs of wanting to win.

    And the earlier comment about people paying Gordon back needing to watch their back? Wishful thinking at best - the other guys have less to lose and can prevent Gordon from winning on any given day and still have time to drop him out of the chase if they choose to do so. And there are now, as of Sunday, more of them than ever before. Gordon has purposefully increased by a large margin the number of drivers that would enjoy seeing him have some bad "racing luck." Gordon lovers may enjoy seeing him show some desire out there but there can be a downside to that kind of attention. Imagine a scenario at Homestead with 50 to go and just a few points between Gordon and Johnson for the championship...and Gordon catches Truex or Ragan or Busch or Bowyer or Sadler and needs to put one or more of them a lap down to stay ahead of Johnson. Just sayin''s a two edged sword that cuts both ways.

  4. I think Bowyer will retaliate next. He needs to pull up his socks and break through the top 10 barrier and do it soon, else he might not be the blue-eyed boy of RCR Racing next year!