Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Unexpected Pocono Drama

There were potholes, flying cars, green white checkers and a pit road feud.

And no, I'm not talking about Daytona.

Except for a nap-inducing green flag run somewhere in the middle, Sunday's race at Pocono had more action than we've seen there in years.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Rain, potholes and wind, oh my: Fans can deal with rain delays.  And in NASCAR, they happen often enough.  But when the word "pothole" began to be bandied about after the rain moved through, the NASCAR collective uttered an audible groan.  As a fan who sat through Daytona's pothole-gate in person, I was expecting a similar multi-hour delay at Pocono.  Fortunately, the offending pothole was at the exit to pit road and track officials solved the problem with a smack of epoxy and some strategically placed orange cones.

Bowyer dominates early: Clint Bowyer had the car to beat early on.  But The Pocono 500 makes for a long race - and once Bowyer lost his lead position, he never regained his mojo.  Blame it on the dirty air.

Hamlin's boneheaded burnout: Denny Hamlin had the smoothest moves of the day during the race.  So it was lucky for him that he saved his most boneheaded move for last.  While smoking the tires and celebrating his victory in front of the grandstand, Hamlin tagged the wall  leaving some damage on the left front of his car.

Teammate trouble: This is the year of family feuds.  Charlotte brought us the latest round with Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin.  And, thanks to A.J. Allmendinger, Pocono was no honeymoon for Richard Petty Motorsports.  Allmendinger's last lap block of his teammate Kasey Kahne could have consequences that were much more severe than loss of position.  After being pushed by Allmendinger into the infield grass, Kahne slid back up the track and into the path of a passle of on-coming cars.  He flew into the catchfence and the result was a scary multi-car smashup that could have resulted in a few injured drivers. Fortunately, all those involved were treated and released, but there was no love lost between Kahne and A.J.  Per Kahne, "I don't talk to AJ hardly ever and I doubt I'm gonna talk to him about this."

Logano throws down: When Kevin Harvick bumped Joey Logano and sent the No. 20 car spinning during the last few laps, nobody expected Logano to go after the intimidating Harvick in such a vehement fashion.  But Pocono was full of surprises and lo and behold, the sophomore racer drove right up to Harvick's car on pit road and barraged Harvick with an ephitet-laced tirade.  The only thing that didn't help Joey's cred was his father who was right there telling him to go for it.  Seriously, Joey. If you're gonna get any respect in the garage, tell your Daddy to stay out of it. 

Whether or not Logano won over any fans or gained garage-side respect for his callout of Harvick is up for debate.  But he does win for best sound bite of the day. When asked by a TNT reporter about his incident with Harvick, Logano worked in an insult aimed at Harvick's wife Delana, "His wife wears the firesuit in the family and tells him what to do."  Touche.


  1. All Joey had to do was drive faster than Kevin....he couldn't. Touche coup de grace.

  2. I'm sick of hearing how JL "grew up." Honestly, what do you think is going to happen if you turn into someone at 120mph? You're gonna get sideways, duh! If he want's to be mad at someone, be mad at your spotter for not telling you that someone is on you left rear, that's what they're there for, to keep you safe and let you know when someone is on your sides. Grow up, it's racing, and when your racing the points leader...I don't know, maybe make a little room, you don't wanna screw up someone's season because this might be your personal best for a track. So you finish 6th rather than 5th, boo hoo, it's top ten and better than 13th or the DNF that you narrowly escaped.

    But hey look at like this, at least you have a highlight real if you ever wanna be in the next Fast and Furious Drift movie.

    I think Joey's jealous cause Kevin's got DeLana, so what if she wears the fire suit in the house. If my wife wanted to wear the fire suit I'd let her...duh!

  3. What I find hilarious about the whole thing is how smart Kevin & Delana Harvick dealt with Joey. On KHI a new Tee Shirt is out-ladies shirt I wear the firesuit in our family. Still laughing at Joey.

  4. Harvick is going to go for the cup and show it to JL! Wait and watch; if not Harvick, then someone else from Richard Childress Racing. They might not be in the news for the right reasons at this time, but RCR takes the cup this season for sure!