Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NASCAR Faults Edwards for Keselowski Smashup

There's nothing like a violent feud between two top-tier NASCAR drivers to get you out of vacation mode and back into the blogging routine.

And  I'd be a fool to pass up the opportunity to dish about the latest round in the Edwards/Keselowski slugfest.

First, a recap:

Remember, if you will, the spring Cup race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Paying Kes back for some hard-nosed racing, Edwards hit the No. 12 car with enough force to send the car and its driver flying into the fence at speeds of nearly 200 miles an hour.  Edwards was summoned to the hauler and later placed on probation.  The smack flew, and a week later, both drivers had a come-to-Jesus meeting with NASCAR officials.  They emerged from the meeting with Cheshire grins, and they vowed to race each other clean.

And I almost believed them 'til Saturday night.

During the last lap of the Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Speedway, Keselowski (who had led most of the night) nosed Edwards out of the way for the lead. That one move re-instated the feud. 

It didn't take too long until Edwards hit Kes back, sending him spinning into the safer barrier and back across the track and into traffic.  Edwards won the race.  Keselowski suffered a pretty nasty hit.  And Keselowski's father, Bob, while waiting outside the infield care center, accused Edwards of trying to kill his son - again.

God, I love NASCAR.

Today, NASCAR handed down its verdict. Both drivers will be placed on probation until Dec. 31.  But this time, instead of the love tap he received post-Atlanta, Edwards got more of a smack on the head.  Edwards will be docked 60 points, team owner Jack Roush will be docked 60 owner points and Edwards will be fined $25,000.

Too add salt to the wound, NASCAR's penalty means Edwards now trails Keselowski in the Nationwide standings by 228 points, with Keselowski in first place.

So a few questions remain - can Cousin Carl keep his cool the rest of the year?  Will the terms of their probation be long enough to smooth both drivers' ruffled firesuits?  Or will Edwards and Keselowski just settle their differences the old-fashioned way - with a few good punches and a couple busted lips?

Time will tell ...  but I can't wait to watch it.  One thing's for sure - these two aren't going to settle things quietly.


  1. WTF.. Putting Brad on probation?? What kind of a message does that send? If I understand this correctly, if a driver punts another driver he should fear being put on probation.

  2. Bump and run - now you're on probation. Makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Nascar has just made it legal to hurt,mame or kill the competitors and possibly a few fans and be the last man standing proud and say "I did what I had to do to win' "My team worked real hard on this car and they deserve it"
    Punishment? 60 points? Knock out a couple of drivers and still win the chanpionship. $26,000?
    He makes that just to start the next race.

  4. Nascar needs to clarify why the penalty on Brad. Is the bump and run off limits now to all drivers? Also, why does CE believe he "deserves" to win??? I've always been taught and taught my kids as well that you have to "earn" the win which, of course, he did not.

  5. nascar should clarify why Brad deserved the probation. He ran a great race and certainly didn't cross any boundries. If anything, I think he got it from what his father said afterwards. Carl should've been parked one race in each division and ordered anger management counciling.

  6. If you watch the video, you will see Brad deliberately ran into Carl more than that one time. He also bumped him in 3 and four to keep him from passing. Blockers got repaid

  7. nascar penalized Brad for future violations he m-i-g-h-t commit in the future.

  8. Carl Edwards should have known better then to wreck Brad. He needs to be reminded he is driving a ford and they are'nt supposed to win. Nascar is truly 2 faced in saying they want all make cars to be equal. If GM hadn't won a race all year they would be rewriting the rule book. I say to Jack Rouse if you can't win you should but a push bar on the front of all his cars. Given Hell Carl

  9. Carl Edwards is an idiot, I'm surprised he didn't get parked for the next race.

    Thanks for posting my video on here. :)