Monday, July 26, 2010

Ultimate Summer Job Winners Share Their Brickyard Experience

Jason Zone Fisher and Adam Ward are two lucky guys.  The pair recently won the ProGlide Ultimate Summer Job contest and, as a result, they're being paid $50 thousand to document their summer which they're spending at major sports and entertainment events across the country.

On Sunday, the guys hit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Brickyard 400 where they had the chance to ask Kyle Busch and Ryan Newman a question for us. 

More specifically, they asked the question that's on everybody's mind after that Mullet Nation commercial first aired.  Namely, would either driver ever consider growing a mullet?

Said Kyle Busch, "I think it would take me a long time to grow it. [Points to Adam] You’re on your way though … except you don’t have enough 'party' in the back."

And does Newman see long hair in his future?  "I think that Joey’s (Logano) mullet was better than mine," Newman said.


  1. Funny. Nice to read something that's less stress related. haha

  2. What an exciting summer! That is the type of summer job that provides you with all kinds of experience and networking contacts that could really help prepare you for the future.