Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Johnson Gets Even More "Perfect" - As If That Were Possible

His chase for the Sprint Cup may not have been perfect, but his rebound from a points deficit was about as flawless as you can get.

So it's only right that five-time Sprint Cup champ Jimmie Johnson is one of the athletes featured in ESPN The Magazine's "The Perfect Issue," which is on newsstands now.

In the issue, Johnson joins top pros Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Charles Woodson and Maya Moore as they weigh in on what perfection means to them in “Meditations on Perfection.”

Plus in the issue's back-of-the-book poll, “Scale of 1 to 10,” athletes answer the question, “Did you pursue the right sport?”

· Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets: “Five. Sometimes I wish I had played baseball. I would have been a good pitcher.”

· Phil Hellmuth, poker player: “Ten. What other sport would I be good at? There’s not enough money in backgammon or chess.”

· Sergio Martinez, boxing middleweight: “One. I love soccer, but I want to be No. 1 and I wasn’t good enough to be No. 1 in soccer.”

But there's no point asking Johnson if he pursued the right sport - with five back-to-back championships to his credit, is there any doubt?

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  1. No doubt he will go down as one of the top 5 at least in NASCAR. Bumpdrafter.blogspot.com