Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Cure For the Off-Weekend Blues

The first off weekend during the season is always tough. You're used to inaction during the bleak months of  December and January - and the holiday season keeps NASCAR off your mind a bit.

But this weekend? Terrible.

After the Atlanta throwdown between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski - having to wait 'til Bristol to see the feud participants take the track seems especially cruel.

Thank God for the guys at Carey and Coffey. Carey and Coffey is a NASCAR radio show which airs every Sunday on 940 AM ESPN Radio in Connecticut and 1510 AM ESPN Radio in New York - and online.

Being on the show is a blast, and this week, I was the first guest to debut the show's new feature "Blogger Nation". 

If you're suffering NASCAR withdrawals this weekend like yours truly, maybe giving the show a listen will cure what ails you.  In addition to me, the guys talked to Tom Bowles from and  and Jerry Gappens from New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Check it out here.

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