Thursday, March 18, 2010

ESPN to Release Commemorative Dale Earnhardt Bookazine

As NASCAR prepares to welcome the inaugural class into its Hall of Fame, ESPN pays tribute to Dale Earnhardt, the sport’s greatest hero, with a collector’s edition commemorative bookazine: “Dale Earnhardt: The Legend Lives” – available nationwide March 30 for $9.99.

The 100-page book celebrates every step of Earnhardt’s rise through NASCAR’s ranks, from turning a wrench on his daddy’s late-model sedans to showing his youngest boy, Dale Jr., the quickest way around a track. The stories and rich photography show sides of Earnhardt rarely seen by fans, told by those who knew him best: his son, Dale Jr., his team owner, Richard Childress, his gas man, Chocolate Myers, and NASCAR’s CEO, Brian France; along with a team of the most respected motorsports writers in the business — Ed Hinton, Ryan McGee and Marty Smith, to name a few.


ALONG FOR THE RIDE Being a passenger with Dale at the wheel was anything but dull. BY ED HINTON

FIRST-CLASS DRIVERS Junior Johnson and Richard Petty remember their Hall of Fame classmate. BY RYAN MCGEE

THE WHOLE PACKAGE Earnhardt changed NASCAR with his mind as much as with his right foot. BY BRIAN FRANCE

FATHER KNEW BEST Dale didn’t finish school, but his daddy gave him a true education. BY RYAN MCGEE

RIGHT BESIDE HIM Teresa Earnhardt is the engine that’s kept DEI going. BY MIKE HEMBREE

THE DALE TRAIL Pilgrims flock to Kannapolis to uncover their hero’s roots. BY RYAN MCGEE

SON OF A GUN Add to the legend this tale of a boy, a dad, a toy car and a pistol. BY MARTY SMITH

TOTAL ACCESS: THE JUNKYARD DOGS No. 3‘s infamous gas man takes us over the wall. By CHOCOLATE MYERS

THE WINNING CUT Think Dale was intimidating on the track? Try cutting his hair. BY MARTY SMITH

“I WISH I COULD’VE RACED HIM” Today’s top driver remembers his first encounter with Big E. BY JIMMIE JOHNSON

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