Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing Nice Won't Last Long

When it comes to the Edwards/Keselowski feud, officials are saying the pair have made peace.  They've worked through their issues.  They will now race each other with respect.  The pair's heart-to-heart in the hauler worked its magic.

Don't believe it for a Bristol minute.

For all the articles proclaiming the two have reached a treaty of sorts, I remind you of the admonition  from the Biblical prophet Jeremiah - "peace, peace but there is no peace".

Though their on-track encounter Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway was more polite than a curtsy for the Queen, these two are going to ditch their put-on manners sooner or later.

Keselowski hinted as much during a pre-race interview in which he encouraged fans to "stay tuned".  He also hasn't been shy about assuring fight-hungry fans that his Atlanta run-in with Cousin Carl isn't going to change the way he drives.

And Carl? Well something about his 10-carat grin while answering questions about Brad leads me to believe a vengeful plan lies beneath that polished veneer.

He's probably just waiting 'til he's off probation. Which puts the date for the combatants' next dust up as April 18 at Texas. Or, if the two are really patient, April 25 at Talladega - which also happens to be the one-year anniversary of the crash that started it all.

As they say, timing is everything.

Photo info: Edwards and Keselowski leave each other plenty of room at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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