Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catching Up With Liz Allison

Liz Allison has been involved in racing for more than 20 years.

Liz was married to racing superstar Davey Allison, until his death in 1993. And since then, she has covered the sport via radio and television.

In addition to being a recognized motorsports media personality, Liz is also a popular author. She has written everything from NASCAR-themed Harlequin romance novels to the best-selling "The Girl's Guide to NASCAR". Her latest book, "The Ultimate NASCAR Insider's Track Guide" was released earlier this month.

We caught up with Liz to find out the scoop on her latest book, her favorite track, and to see what else she has in the works.

Here's what she had to say:

Why do you think fans will like the NASCAR Insider's Track Guide?

"As a fan myself, I find the guide very helpful since everything I may need to know about any track is all wrapped up in one book. It is great to keep on hand at home while planning trips and equally as easy to throw in a suitcase to take along for the next NASCAR road trip. The great part about this guide is there is something for everyone. If Dad wants to go to the track for qualifying and Mom wants to go shopping and the kids want a hotel with a pool, and oh by the way, the family pooch wants to go along…this guide can get everyone where they want to be, including the hotel that allows the four legged family member to tag along. This guide is quite extensive…I really cannot think of anything we left out. It took a full year of working on this project to make sure the fans received the most information possible so that it could truly be a fans guide. "

The Daytona 500 is fast approaching - what are some things fans going to the race need to know?

"The Daytona 500 is so exciting with the racing season getting back in to full swing. The weather is usually much warmer than most places this time of year so it is fun to get a little break from the cold harsh winter ( for many of us) and enjoy the Florida sunshine. This is also a great track to take the kids along. My kids have always loved this track. The Daytona Experience is a great exhibit/museum located right on the grounds of the track. This is a must stop for every race fan. Make sure you check out the Allison family exhibit. Of course I am a bit partial. Race day itself is exciting and quite long. Check the weather before you leave for the track and make sure to dress in layers. Daytona in February can be tricky weather-wise. Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes and get ready for some great racing. The history of this track, combined with the great racing, makes this a fun and incredibly exciting day. "

What are you favorite tracks to visit?
"I love Darlington and Daytona due to the rich history and of course the great racing. I am also partial to Talladega, as this was the Allison’s home track. And what’s not to love about Bristol? What a gem of a track."

As the author of "The Girl's Guide to Winning a NASCAR driver," have you ever thought about starting an online dating site for NASCAR fans?

"Oh boy, I have not and I think I might better leave this to the professionals. I did have great fun writing this book though. I mixed in some good ole racing info with lots of humor. I found myself laughing at myself while writing this book. It was meant to be a fun and light hearted approach to the sport. I shared lots of insider knowledge about the drivers (and how to hook one) but the book did not come with a money back guarentee. "

What's next for your writing life? Any big projects in the works?

"I have two more NASCAR Harlequin romances (co-authored with Wendy Etherington) coming out this year that I am excited about. As a full time writer, I am always either promoting a new book or putting the finishing touches on a future book. I love what I do. I feel very blessed."

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