Friday, January 22, 2010

Hit the Track Like an Insider

NASCAR nation is readying for the 2010 season and there's an undeniable certain something in the atmosphere.

Perhaps it's the scent of exhaust in the air or the feel of Daytona sun on the skin. Maybe it's the fact that NASCAR TV has re-emerged from its winter hibernation.

All I know is, I've lately been visited by visions of transporter convoys trucking south on I-95 , carrying their precious cargo into the DIS infield.

It's the time of year when the buildling excitement leads fans to start planning their NASCAR road trips - while hoping they can save enough money to fit a new track into their travel schedule.

If you're one of the fortunate souls who will be heading to a track you've not yet been to (or even one you have), I encourage you to pick up Liz Allison's new "NASCAR Insider's Track Guide." The popular radio/TV personality and best-selling author gives attendeees the low down on everything from which tracks are the most kid friendly to nearby campgrounds and places of worship.

The guide is full of helpful phone numbers, address and insider tips. And while I can't vouch for every restaurant Allison recommends, I do know that her must-eat suggestion for Talladega is right on the money. Just thinking about the venerable Dreamland BBQ makes me long for a dripping rack of ribs and a piece of white bread.

I'll be putting this guide to the test this year, as I plan to hit as many races as possible in 2010 - and I'll let you know how that works out. But until then, get ready all you NASCAR road trippers - it's almost travellin' time!

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  1. Believe it or not, Ovalscream downloaded Liz Allison's "The Girl's Guide to NASCAR" on his Kindle last year, seeking to penetrate, uh, I mean understand, the heart and soul of the quintessential track chick. Lots of nuggets in that, such as: "Girlfriend to Girlfriend: The night races that happen to fall on a full moon are not soon forgotten. It is a known fact that full moon races have more cautions, wrecks and controversy than any others. Hence the saying, 'The drivers are howling at the moon." Mama, don't let your boy grow up to be a racer. It was fun reading. Allison has also penned a number of Harlequin-style NASCAR romances ("Risking Her Heart," about a woman who manages her family's champion tea, lured, almost against her will, into bodice-rippin' with a charismatic sponsor.) Anyhoo ... Ovalscream will be at the Bud Shootout, not a full-moon event, but with the new "unzipped rules" the racin' should be wilder even than last year's crashfest!