Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to NASCAR High

It's only day one of this year's media tour and, from the sound of things, the boys of 2009 haven't grown up quite yet.

At the end of last season, we all wondered if the Hamlin/Keselowski feud would continue into 2010 and if team ownership would mellow Kyle Busch.

Lucky for us, the answer is no and no.

Take this bit of Twitter-smack relayed by ESPN's David Newton whilst on today's tour of Joe Gibbs Racing and Penske:

In response to Denny Hamlin's tweet that he was going to play basketball, Newton asked "Can u take Brad K to the hole?"

Message back from Hamlin - "I'd rather play a 10-year-old girl"

Response from Keselowski? "Cause you know you would win."

Oh, and Keselowski claimed he sent Hamlin a Christmas card emblazoned with "Peace on Earth" - but didn't get a holiday greeting in return. In fact, Brad's not even on the guest list for the opening of Hamlin's new Charlotte night club called Butter - not that Brad minds.

And let's not forget the most infamous bully of them all - Kyle Busch. Rowdy told reporters today that Keselowski, his brother's new teammate, hadn't asked big brother about "diddly squat, so that doesn't build a strong relationship." (An accusation Brad strongly denied).

Then Kyle went and picked on a girl. Per former Scene Daily reporter Jeff Gluck, Busch told the media that the only time he'd think about Danica Patrick was while he was lapping her.

Sound like a bit of high school drama and playground trash talk? Well, Hamlin, Keselowski and Busch aren't the first to resort to such means of expressing their emotions.

Lest we forget, it was only last year that Carl Edwards tried to beat down Kevin Harvick in the garage after leaving a "note" on Harvick's helicopter. And we thought NASCAR was for grownups...

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  1. NASCAR for grownups? 'Tis the exception to the rule. Pay a boy a gazillion bucks to drive fast and turn left and see how they grow up. Hamlin's got a streak, and Rowdy ain't quite learned his owner's points, so expect those top guns to be chewing on each others' fenders throughout the upcoming season.

    But lapping Danica? Now there's a thought.