Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get It Together With Tony Stewart

Judging from the photo above, it looks like Tony Stewart hired a stylist during the off-season. Either that, or he's going to update his profile photo on eharmony.

But I digress.

Now that Smoke is in his sophomore year as a Cup team owner, he's sharing a few of his tips for how to get organized before the NASCAR season begins. (Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's sponsored by Office Depot).

Below are a couple of Tony's own organizational hints for budding professionals. Check out the rest on Office Depot's Facebook page.

· I have a frequent nightmare about showing up at the wrong race track during the NASCAR season…so, yes, I WILL take that new day planner, thank you very much!

· Gotta get a new dry-erase board for some very serious race strategy sessions with my crew chief, Darian Grubb. And – you caught me – our occasional game of Pictionary.

· When a computer virus or hard-drive meltdown catches you off-guard, it’s a lot like wrecking your primary race car and then realizing you forgot to bring the back-up car to the track. That said, I’m making it a New Year’s Resolution to back-up all of my important files on CDs and memory cards from Office Depot…just in case.


  1. You could have skipped the "quips" and just enlarged the photo of Tony..and called it a day! GEEEEZZZ what a hot looking man...Whooeeeeee!!!!!!

  2. What I wanna know, why's he got his tie in a choke-hold? Can't he just tie something around his finger to remind him to back up his NASCAR Octane pics to an Office Depot floppy? (The quotes, BTW, made the post. I get a hoot out of envisioning Smoke pulling into a vacant raceway parking lot on morning going, "Wha'?", with a look on his face like his tie was in a hangman's knot.)

  3. Great picture. Is he going with anyone???
    Someone should grab him up!!!!!

  4. HOT, HOT, HOT, SMOKIN HOT! I have this picture on my computer. Now days in my cubicle are so much better. Wow what a view to look at every day!