Friday, January 15, 2010

Martin in His Element at Daytona Fan Fest

NASCAR fans were out in force tonight at Daytona International Speedway - and so were their favorite drivers. And, at times, it was hard to tell which group was enjoying it more.

Take Mark Martin for example, "I'm excited about the racing this year. I'm a driver but I'm a fan too. When there hasn't been any racing for 60 days you get excited for it all to start again."

Martin, a quintessential favorite among the NASCAR faithful, spent some time answering questions on the Speed TV stage and and signing tons of autographs. He even managed to fit in an ESPN interview. Not bad for one night.

To be honest, tonight's Preseason Thunder event isn't all that different from Martin's usual M.O. He's one of those drivers who always takes time to acknowledge the fans. At Talladega last year, I watched him stop for every autograph request on his way to the Sunday drivers meeting.

Martin claims to have modest prospects for his GoDaddy Chevy this season, "I just want to continue what I've been doing my whole life and enjoy doing it. That's my goal for 2010."

Humble as always. But there's no doubt Martin would enjoy it even more if he was hoisting that Sprint Cup come November.

And what fan wouldn't love to see that happen?

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  1. Good old Mark. My GF removed her MarkMartin/Army license plate frame last winter due to his poor performance. Then look what he did. Good for him.
    Bobby Dee