Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Help for Haiti

To be honest, it's kind of hard to think (much less write) about NASCAR tonight after watching the Haiti coverage on cable news.

Rick Hendrick and the folks at Hendrick Motorsports are doing their part to assist in the much-needed disaster relief and humanitarian efforts. On Monday alone, HMS helped evacuate 87 people, including 27 orphan children. Check out this video, which shows how HMS is helping out.

Not everyone can lend planes and flight crews to the relief effort, but we can all help in some small way. That's why I'm posting a link to Performers like Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Hoobastank have all donated downloadable tracks in support of Haiti relief.

Check out the songs here - and click to download and donate to the relief efforts. It's the least we could do!

Above photo: A Hendrick Motorsports plane on the tarmac in Haiti

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  1. So many millions sent to that country in the past. So many millions squandered.